Friday, May 29, 2009

HT System Warning!!!

I'm waring you about Sony HT System if you are considering buying it! You must know if it is the best in its class!

The Sony HT-SS2300 home theater system offers everything you need to set up a Blu-ray Disc™ Theater (Blu-ray Disc™ Player sold separately). A slim receiver design offers great styling for your home theater while giving you the performance you’d expect from a Sony System. This system includes a 5.1 A/V receiver with 1000 watts (RMS) and HDMI™ Active Intelligence complemented with DIGITAL MEDIA PORT interface, so regardless of where you store your music, it offers an access point and provides control for one of Sony’s DIGITAL MEDIA PORT accessories (except TDM-BT1; accessories sold separately). In addition, the Portable Audio Enhancer integrates portable music into a traditional home theater system while providing enhanced audio quality. The A/V receiver’s HDMI interface transmits both audio and video while offering 1080p and full bandwidth sound tracks (LPCM) support through a single cable. Finally, The HT-SS2300 can also control a select number of BRAVIA® televisions with BRAVIA® Sync via HDMI™. With “One Touch Play,” operations that took several steps have been reduced to one.

Here is what someone has it had to say at AMAZON..

Sounds like a $1,000 system at a fraction of the price - Brilliant!

I purchased a $1,200 system but returned it because it sounded horrible after it was home and connected. For that much money I expected a "Wow" effect, but was very disappointed.

So, back to researching what one store told me was not possible. I just bought a Blu-ray player that I am very happy with and a Sony 46" Z series LCD TV so I didn't want a system with a DVD player or Blu-ray player. I also didn't want a big receiver, big speakers, and a big subwoofer.

I found this system on Sony's website and came here to check the price. After much consideration I selected this system because of the sleek and small receiver and speakers.

After several hours of hiding speaker wires, splicing the subwoofer wire to add a segment of additional speaker wire so I could hide the subwoofer, adding OmniMount Satellite speaker stands and hooking up all the speakers I turned the system on.

I must admit I was very skeptical because this system was only a fraction of the price I'd spent on the system I returned. I put a DVD in and sat listening thinking this sounds great when all of a sudden the back surround speakers belted out sounds from the scene playing causing me to jump in shock. This was the "Wow" effect I was looking for when I first starting looking for a surround sound.

Last time i checked this product was still in stock at Amazon,. however, being this is product is SIZZLING HOT, they could be out of stock at any moment. And that would mean having to wait..and waiting SUCKS~!